Trial update

Just to confirm TT/TYRO planned for the 5th July is now not going to happen as it is to soon to run this event and we don't  know even if we will be allowed to with Welsh government legislation on travel and gatherings of poeple

We will continue to plan for a closed club event RTV/CCV on 19th July and venue to be confirmed, bearing in mind this would still be restricted by Welsh government legislation and covid 19 rules.

Keep safe

Anthony Knight 

COVID-19 Update

Motorsport UK has now suspended all organising permits and Certificates of Exemption until at least 30th June 2020. This suspension follows the latest guidance issued by HM UK Government in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. This position will be constantly reviewed given prevailing information.

This means that all events up to 30th June have been canceled, which includes the upcoming Easter at Eastnor with MROC, and the local Upper Boat Trial.

It is unclear yet how it is going to affect events after 30th June. Please ensure that you check the website and/or contact the competitions secretary (contact details are available in the Newsletter) before travelling to any events.

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