Wye & Welsh Land Rover Club


What do we do?

The club exists for the members and for the promotion of Rover products. Whether you are a proud owner of a brand new Range Rover, Discovery, Freelander, Defender or the owner of a not so new Series Land Rover with not a straight panel in sight there is a warm welcome awaiting.

We try to organise events every month. These events are :-

Tyro Trial - this is a trial for showroom condition standard vehicles and is completely non damaging. The rules also allow 13 year olds to drive, so it is a great opportunity for the kids to show dad how to drive the family Disco or Freelander. They are completely non damaging and great family entertainment. If you look at the events list you will see that we intend to put on a lot more TYROs this coming year.

Road Taxed Vehicle Trial (RTV)
This is where members can pit themselves and their vehicles against each other. They are supposed to be non damaging (unless the driver forgets to put his/her brain into gear first). The vehicles have to be fully road legal.

Cross Country Vehicle Trial (CCVT)
These are for specialist vehicles and so are much harder and can be damaging (again the level of damage is down to the driver). These vehicles are not necessarily road legal. The building regulations for these vehicles are not the same as for the Competitive Safari vehicles.

Time trial
This sort of event is much the same as a CCVT but it is timed. A set target time is calculated by measuring the length of the course and you get a penalty point for every second you spend over the target time completing the course.

Competitive Safari - which is a cross country race against the clock. Generally these vehicles are not road legal and if they conform to the building regulations for this discipline then they will be eligible to enter CCVT.

Feel free to look at the photo gallery to see some pictures.

If all this is too much for you then you will be glad to learn that the club is not 100% competition orientated. Throughout the year we try to organise a number of caravan rallies and greenlane runs. On the subject of green lanes the club supports rights of way issues and is active in this area. We also hold regular monthly social evenings in a pub. These are not drinking sessions but meetings held in a pub which is centrally located.

What is The Baskerville Challenge?

The Baskerville Challenge is our premier event of the year. It takes place every August Bank Holiday weekend at The Baskerville Hall Hotel, Clyro, near Hay-on-Wye. The challenge itself is a contest between different Rover Owner Clubs. Each competing club enters teams of three drivers (as many teams as they wish and each driver can drive a different vehicle in different events, if he/she wishes). Each team has to enter the RTV, CCVT and Comp Safari (or Time Trial if we don't organise a Comp Safari), the best two scores to count (so a driver may enter the RTV and the CCVT but not the Comp or perhaps a driver may enter the CCVT and the Comp and not the RTV). The team with the best total score at the end of the weekend is judged to be the winner. Sadly due to the grip of Foot and Mouth disease there was no Baskerville Challenge in 2001 but in August 2002 we came back with a bigger and better event and each year the event has improved. We are currently working hard to improve the event even more if that is possible.

As well as the overall challenge shield there are also trophies awarded for individual performances in the three disciplines. Each year the winner of the Comp Safari or time trial is awarded the Gavin Shaw Memorial Trophy, this is a trophy presented to commemorate the life of a very popular club member who was tragically taken from us in the prime of his life.

You can visit the Baskerville Challenge Web Page for more information.

2013 ALRC National Rally

The Wye and Welsh LRC hosted the National Rally in 2013. We are a small club and so our resources were stretched to the limit. Fortunately members of other ALRC member clubs helped out to make the event a raving success. Thanks to all those who spared the time to make this happen.

Limited Company

As part of the move to run the National Rally the club committee decided to register the club as a company limited by guarantee. What this means is that the club will now have to provide records as required by company law and that the accounts will be formally audited. Apart from all the formality this move will provide security to it's members by limiting any liability should the worst happen and the club has to be wound up. So in future the club will be known as The Wye and Welsh LRC Ltd.".
Who are we?

The club was set up, in July 1987, by a group of mainly Land Rover owners who lived mostly in the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean. It was set up to promote the use and ownership of Rover products.

Our membership is now over a hundred and growing. We cover an area from Hereford in the North East down toward Gloucester and all points West. We have an active membership and cover all aspects of Land Rover ownership. Most of our members are owners and users of Land Rovers, arguably the best 4x4 in the world (well we think so anyway).

Wye & Welsh Land Rover Club